Preparing Your Home To Sell

Artizen Realty recommends contacting one of our agents 2 - 4 weeks before you put your home on the market.  Your agent will give you specific advice about what to repair, what to touch up, and how to stage your home so that it shows best.  The purpose of our visit is to focus your efforts so that no time and no money is wasted. 

Some sellers think that by repairing a certain item their home’s value will increase.  This is not always true.  Repairs and touch-ups are situation-specific, so please contact one of our agents for their professional advice.  To maximize what you get for your home, you may have to spend some money.  Successfully completing our to-do list will help your home to have a shorter market time, to have more showings, and to get more money than you otherwise would have.

Staging Guidelines & Recommendations (PDF)


Buyer Information