Graphic Design Division

The Graphic Design Division works closely with the Photography Division.  The purpose of our Graphic Design Division is to create electronic collateral containing information beyond what a normal listing sheet contains.

An average buyer spends 30-60 seconds glancing over a typical property brochure before discarding it.  The reason buyers generally spend so little time looking over the brochure is because it regurgitates the same information provided in the property's MLS sheet!  Artizen Realty's property brochures do not repeat what is mentioned in the MLS.  We provide in-depth details such as appliance manufacture dates, upgrade dates, background information on any disclosure issues, more in-depth explanations of various home features and possible negotiation terms.  In other words, the information provided is information of value.  

Artizen Realty distributes the brochure electronically 24-48 hours after the first showing when we call the agent for feedback.  There is psychology behind this!  This is statistically the best time to get meaningful feedback and to entice the buyer into scheduling a second showing.  The extra information differentiates our brochures and is welcomed by the buyer and their agent.  Even if we don't get a second showing, we almost always get meaningful feedback.  They see that we have gone out of our way to help them and they return the professional courtesy.

In keeping with green real estate practices, the brochures are digital.  For those requesting print media, we can do anything from door hangers to "Just Listed" postcards, all using eco-friendly stock and vegetable-based inks.  What else would you expect from Chicagoland's greenest company?

For a copy of a sample Property Brochure, please click HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE.


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