Virtual Tour Division

The virtual Tour Division works hand-in-hand with our Photography Division.  Artizen Realty utilizes the pictures from the Photographic Division as a base for creating an incredible virtual tour.  The goals of our virtual tours are to show your home in a way that will generate the greatest number of showings and to provide information that is not a repeat of what is published on other websites & advertisements.

To appreciate the complexities of our virtual tour, think of what is usually offered in a typical virtual tour from other third-party vendors.  Their virtual tours include:

  • Small or medium-resolution photos pasted on a black background
  • The virtual tour is optimized only for low-resolution screen settings.  Enlarging it will result in a loss of quality.
  • a “video” of the property using still images and a robot computer voice that highlights the home’s most obvious aspects.


Do you think that someone looking at your virtual tour doesn’t already know that your home has x bedrooms and x bathrooms?

There is no value in a virtual tour like that.  Artizen Realty invented a way to create a virtual tour that maximizes your home’s visual impact and capitalizes on the curiosity of qualified buyers.  Each virtual tour Artizen Realty creates includes: 

  • High-resolution images
  • A dynamically sized display that is optimized for each different screen resolution
  • Custom captions under each photo that explains improvements, modifications, and history not mentioned in other advertising
  • An audio tour that you create with your own voice.  This way, you can tell prospective purchasers anything you want about your home without being limited by time, character spaces or specific script.


For Artizen sellers...our virtual tour is included with your listing!  Our expertise and green technology make a big difference.  See that difference by experiencing one of our real estate virtual tours. 

Sample Virtual Tour 1
Sample Virtual Tour 2
Sample Virtual Tour 3


For agents at other real estate companies...we can help you as well!  We routinely do work for other real estate companies.  Included is:

  • Unlimited Photos
  • The ability to shoot your property multiple times at no additional cost (you may want mid-day and sunset shots)
  • Saturday and Sunday photo shoots at no additional cost
  • Your choice of photography, traditional or exposure fusion and image layering at no additional cost
  • For our virtual tours, we can add custom captions to each image!  We can also add a seller-voiced audio tour and the property's brochure & MLS sheet.  This is all available upon request and at no additional charge.


For non-Artizen agents, our premium services are about half the cost of our competition!

Photography Only:  $125

Virtual Tour Only:  $75

Photography & Virtual Tour:  $150 ($50 discount applied)

Single Shot: $30   Double Shot: $50   Three Shots: $65   Four Shots: $75



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