Real Estate Photography Divison

Another reason why Artizen Realty is different from other real estate companies is because we have our own in-house photography division.  Our photographers specialize only in real estate photography and all of their training is focused on developing those skills.  Other “professional” real estate photography companies use our photographers to train their photographers in all aspects of photographing a home. 

Our photographic division utilizes over $25,000 worth of the industry’s high-end flagship equipment.  The standard package we include with all of our listings offers more than the "premium" packages of other real estate photography companies.  Our Real Estate Photography Division is driven 100% by wind energy and uses:

  • Professional Nikon Full-Frame FX Camera Bodies
  • Professional Nikon Full-Frame Wide-Angle Lenses Only, Not Generic Brands or Knock-off Manufactured Glass
  • Professional Nikon Full-Frame Telephoto Lenses Only, Not Generic Brands or Knock-off Manufactured Glass
  • 27” Eizo Monitors, Color-calibrated Every 2 Weeks (Consider that Disney’s Animation Division only uses 24” Eizo Monitors that are color-calibrated approximately once per month.)
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and other Leading Photo Software for minor touch-ups


For agents at other real estate companies...we can help you as well!  We routinely do work for other real estate companies. Prices vary depending on the format of the photo shoot (DX or FX).  The average agent who uses our photographic department doubles their average number of showings and sells more than 98% of their listings.  Included is:

  • Unlimited Photos
  • Staging Recommendations Before the Photo Shoot
  • DX Format & FX Format Photo Shoots
  • The ability to shoot your property multiple times at no additional cost (you may want mid-day and sunset shots)
  • Saturday and Sunday photo shoots at no additional cost
  • Your choice of photography, traditional or exposure fusion at no additional cost


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