Loan Calculator

The people best qualified to tell you how much home you can afford to purchase is a loan officer with a reputable company.  The quote they give you will come in the form of a Pre-Approval Letter. 

The best Pre-Approval Letters use your personal credit report and include income verification, asset verification, and automated underwriting.  

The lending industry, like the real estate industry, changes daily.  Loan guidelines and selection criteria are continually being modified.  The only way to know what you truly qualify for is to talk to a loan officer. 

Prequalification is free, it can be done over the phone, and it takes approximately 20 minutes.  Take advantage of this service!  You are going to have to do it at some point.  It is always better to do it in the beginning so that you can focus your search efforts more clearly.  Each Artizen agent is happy to provide recommendations for loan officers.  


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