Artizen Realty - Buying a home

Buying a home with Artizen Realty means you will work with a veteran agent who specializes in the purchasing process and in transaction management.  These agents also specialize in the technology that makes the buying process paperless!  The benefits of purchasing real estate paperlessly are:

  • The process is streamlined.  There is no having to wait to submit an offer or spend valuable time distributing documents.  Once documents are signed on our tablet computers, they are distributed and everyone gets a copy in minutes.
  • Virtual Documents are more secure!  Forgeries are much easier to detect given that we lock our documents with digital signatures that even advanced hacking software can’t unlock.  When someone modifies an executed document, our software lets us know that someone tried to do this and it shows us what they tried modifying.
  • Responses to your on-demand inquiries are instant.  For example, if you have a question about another property during a showing, your agent can look up that property’s information…instantly.  Each of our agents is mobile and they have mobile internet!
  • The process is more organized.  Documents are assembled into a “package” and immediately sent to all relevant parties.  This way, no one forgets to add a document and nothing can get lost.  Everything is in one easy to find place.
  • No paper waste is generated.  The paper industry is the third largest industrial polluter of land, water, and air in the U.S. and Canada.  The average real estate agent will use ¼ - ½ of a ream of paper per client per transaction.  Our Realtors use approximately 8-10 sheets of paper…per year (the paper they do use is either 100% recycled or made from industrial waste products like hemp, sugarcane, mangoes, bananas, lemons, cigars, or coffee).  Being paperless saves countless numbers of trees and prevents water excessive water usage, electrical usage, petroleum usage, deforestation, and thousands of gallons of wastewater flow.


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