About Our Agents

The agents of Artizen Realty are different from agents at other real estate companies.  That’s because every agent here is an expert at something else other than being a Realtor.  Our success as a company can partially be attributed to the fact that our agents were successful in other fields before they became Realtors. 

For example, one of our agents is a licensed home inspector.  Buyers and landlords love this because problems are often discovered before having to pay a third party service.  Another agent holds a degree in construction management.  She has helped clients to plan and oversee remodeling projects before and after the buying & selling process.  We even have an agent who is a professional real estate photographer! 

By bringing something extra to the table, their knowledge goes beyond “selling” real estate.  We know homes from the ground up (literally and in a licensed way) and we know the process from the initial showing to the final signatures.  Do not confuse us for “Jacks of all trades and masters of none.”  We are masters of productivity that leads to your goals being reached.  Ask any of our past clients!


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