About Us

Artizen Realty is a paperless, virtual, eco-friendly company committed to pioneering new trends in real estate and surpassing what is expected of top-tier Realty companies.  It was founded on the premise more can be done to eliminate “waste” without sacrificing the elements that make the best real estate companies successful.  Our use of green technology and our innovative marketing techniques set us apart from any residential real estate company in existence today.

The real estate industry is littered with “waste.”  There are a lot of wasted resources, marketing efforts, time, and money.  Artizen Realty researched where this happened for years.  After careful analysis of the data, Artizen Realty was crafted by the leaders in the field: real estate’s top producers.

Nothing is wasted at Artizen Realty.  Our marketing efforts and our use of time are strategic and pinpointed.  We also waste no resources.  That is, Artizen Realty does not use coal or nuclear-based electrical energy.  100% of the energy we use comes from renewable wind power.  This wind power is used in every element from the creation of our eco-friendly business cards to the servers that host our website.  No real estate company in existence can claim to be wind-powered, paperless, and eco-friendly like us.

To learn more about what makes Artizen Realty different, continue exploring the different sections of our website.  When you are ready to purchase, sell, or lease your home, consider using Artizen Realty: Chicagoland’s Green Company.



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